D.I.Y. by Keng is a unique decorative product produced by Continue Us Company Limited. This product was created by Miss Rachaya Padoongtantrakul, who has had a strong passion in arts and crafts since early childhood. 

Miss Rachaya was inspired to develop artistic sticker tapes after attending a workshop called "Add Value Creativity", which was organized by Thailand Creative Design Center. Her vision was to design creative stickers that can be used to decorate scrapbook, photo albums, greeting cards, gift boxes, and other items. 

The creation of these stickers was the first step in her ambitious plan to release a unique commercial product in the market. Her vision was realized in 2010, when she managed to sell her product at The Shop @TCDC. This was a great opportunity for D.I.Y. by Keng to gain brand recognition and eventually led to it being sold in all three branches of the prestigious Loft chain in Bangkok. 

D.I.Y. by Keng has grown significantly over the past few years. It now has 25 product lines and various kinds of DIY kits, which include scrapbook kits, paper cards and gift boxes, and have been designed for convenient use for all ages and genders. Due to its simple yet creative design, the scrapbook D.I.Y. Kit is a product that appeals to various demographics in the market.

The stickers used in D.I.Y. kits by Keng can be easily peeled off and the cards take only a few minutes to assemble. By allowing customers to personalize and add their own creative touch, the product has proven to be quite unique in the market. People are proud to make something themselves and give it to loved ones and thus, making a D.I.Y. by Keng card evokes great affection among recipients. 

Nowadays, D.I.Y. by Keng is sold in 20 branches of leading department stores in Bangkok such as Loft, Central, The Mall, Paragon, and Emporium. It is also exported to various countries such as Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.